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ILF Fellows Advisory Council Launches at a Critical Moment

Updated: May 14, 2020

By Rachel Aicher, Director of Advocacy & Partnerships

Over the years, nearly 100 extraordinarily diverse, talented, and energetic International Fellows have volunteered their time and expertise to work alongside public defenders around the world -- and now we are thrilled to be creating a platform for continued collaboration with outstanding fellows even after their field assignments have ended.

International Fellows are core to the ILF’s model and critical to our mission. Fellows provide expert mentorship for ILF lawyers around the world, empowering them to become client-centered advocates and helping build sustainable legal aid institutions. Fellows also tell us that participating in legal and cultural exchange transforms their own practice, as they return home with fresh perspective and renewed energy.

That’s why we’re excited to launch the ILF Fellows Advisory Council, enabling past fellows to stay engaged by providing advice and partnership-building support for our programs. The Council will also serve as a touchpoint for the broader fellows alumni community to continue their deep involvement with the ILF.

It is my honor to welcome the Fellows Advisory Council’s founding members:

With our defenders on the front lines protecting human rights in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, this is an especially critical moment for the ILF. We are deeply grateful to have the continued support and solidarity of our alumni community, reinforcing our teams and helping us stay creative and resilient as we face emerging challenges. We look forward to working closely with the Fellows Advisory Council, and staying connected with all our alumni around the world!


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