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Myanmar’s transition toward democracy has been ongoing since 2010. Parliamentary elections in 2015 shifted the country from military rule to civilian leadership. Still, the country faces challenges, with a huge gap in access to justice for poor and vulnerable communities.    

Myanmar took a tremendous step forward in 2016 by adopting a national legal aid law. The law was set into motion after Myanmar’s participation in the International Legal Aid Conference, co-convened by the ILF in June 2014. Building on Myanmar’s continued progress toward a more equitable justice system, the ILF established its Myanmar program with a small office in Yangon in 2017. We’ve since grown to serve communities in Yangon, Mandalay, Pathein (Ayeyarwady Region), Lashio (Shan State), and Rakhine State.







Our Work in Myanmar

Expanding access to legal aid for vulnerable populations.

Reducing pretrial detention, torture and coercion.

Decreasing time between arrest and first contact with a lawyer.

Protecting children and youth. 


Sharing Expertise Globally

So far, our lawyers in Myanmar have received well over 6,000 hours of intensive mentoring from experienced public defenders through our International Fellows program. 

Read about our fellowship program in Myanmar.

In compliance with U.S. law, please find the ILF's Protections Against Trafficking in Persons Policy here.

Click here to view the ILF’s Policy on Protection of Beneficiaries from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

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