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A Quality Lawyer Makes All the Difference

From the lives of individuals, to their families and communities, at the international level and in countries around the world, our work has impact.

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"I told her: I don't have anyone on my side. I'm alone.

And she helped me." 

We stand between our clients and wrongful detention, abuse and conviction. We give those who lack necessary resources a fighting chance in the complex criminal justice system.

Sita's Story

We Transform Criminal Justice Systems 

Our lawyers ensure that rights guaranteed by law are respected in practice. We litigate not just to protect the right of our clients, but for maximum impact on rule of law. As a result, we improve the fairness and efficiency of national justice systems.

In Tunisia, nearly everyone accused of a misdemeanor was held in pretrial detention. Case by case, our lawyers changed the culture of Tunisian courtrooms.  It is now common practice to release people accused of misdemeanors ahead of trial. 


In Palestine, our advocacy inspired legislation guaranteeing juveniles the right to a lawyer ahead of trial, instead of just on the day of proceedings.

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"If we have a skilled lawyer on both sides [prosecution and defense], we can deliver a more perfect judgment."

- Hon. Judge Tek Narayan Kunwor, 

  The High Court of Patan, Nepal

We Drive Progress Toward Justice for All Around the World

Our biennial International Legal Aid Conference has catalyzed the expansion of the right to legal aid around the world, including in Myanmar, which drafted its first Legal Aid Law after participating in the first conference.


ILF leaders belong to the expert group convened to develop the UN Principles and Guidelines on Access to Legal Aid in Criminal Justice Systems.


Leaders around the world have used Measuring Justice, our guide defining what quality, effective criminal defense looks like, to establish legal aid institutions and ensure quality services for everyone in need. 

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