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We are a leading global advocate for legal aid access.

The ILF’s international advocacy is rooted in local experience. We are unique in our ability to bring on-the-ground field perspectives to high-level policy discussions, and to provide a comparative framework for discussion. The ILF has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and we participate actively in the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice and efforts to promote the Sustainable Development Goals.  


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We provide technical expertise on access to justice.


We conduct assessments and offer technical assistance for governments, civil society partners, and UN agencies addressing gaps in access to justice around the world. We develop resources -- including manuals for defense lawyers and tools for measuring quality legal aid -- to provide practical guides for action.   


As leaders in the field of criminal defense, our International Fellows, staff lawyers, and legal consultants are sought after as trainers and advisors.

We provide high-quality criminal legal aid services and training for lawyers and justice leaders. Currently, we work in:

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