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Nicole Taylor

Fellows Advisory Council Member

Nicole Taylor is an Associate Vice President at The Posse Foundation, which provides high achieving students from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to attend college and become leaders on campus and in the workforce. Ms. Taylor guides the operation and performance of the Career, Alumni, Graduate & Fellowship and Veterans Programs. She supports the development of an unparalleled network of Posse alumni, partners, career coaches and mentors that drives diversity in leadership across industry. Prior to joining Posse, Ms.Taylor was the managing director of the ILF for nearly eight years, and initially served as an International Fellow in the West Bank. An international expert in the field of legal aid and a criminal defense lawyer with over 15 years of experience, Ms. Taylor has trained and mentored lawyers and paralegals around the world to provide quality legal aid services for poor and vulnerable accused. Prior to working with the ILF, she practiced in the Philadelphia area for eight years, at the law firm of El-Shabazz & Harris, LLC and as a staff attorney at the Public Defender Association of Philadelphia. Ms. Taylor is a graduate of Howard University School of Law and Spelman College.

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