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Other Countries’ Courts are Treating the Prison Pandemic as a Real Emergency

U.S. prisons’ COVID-19 response lags behind Tunisia and Palestine.

By David Anderson, Program Director

The United States is addicted to punishment, and it just might kill us. Coronavirus outbreaks in jails and prisons not only threaten one of the most vulnerable populations in the country, but also their lawyers, prison personnel, their families, and everyone else. While several countries have taken progressive, nationally coordinated action to reduce prison populations and prevent widespread infection, institutions across the U.S. continue to prioritize punishment over public health. As a result, some of the most severe COVID-19 outbreaks are occurring in U.S. jails and prisons as well as the communities that house them.

Other countries have recognized the danger and taken far more sweeping action. I work with public defenders around the world. My colleagues constantly challenge my U.S.-based perspective and force me to broaden my understanding of justice….Keep reading on

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