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Racial, Ethnic & Religious Minorities

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Quality legal representation is critical to fight discrimination. We provide free legal representation to populations that are unfairly targeted by the criminal justice system. We seek to ensure equal and just application of the law, regardless of a person's racial, ethnic, religious, or other identity.

Globally, racial, ethnic, religious, gender or other minorities are pushed to the margins of society and denied equal access to justice. While each community and individual is unique, they often share common challenges in the criminal justice system. 


Certain communities are frequently targeted by local authorities through the discriminatory implementation of laws meant to control and marginalize--not protect--minority populations. While this leads to marginalized communities being overrepresented among the criminally accused and incarcerated, they are historically underrepresented as leaders in the criminal justice system and chronically underserved. They struggle to find skilled advocates and equal treatment. 

We prioritize representation of the people and communities who are most at risk when in contact with the law. Through proactive legal representation and advocacy, we aim to curb discrimination in the criminal justice system and ensure equal and just treatment.

In Nepal for example, nearly 70 percent of the people we represent belong to at-risk groups, including lower castes, indigenous people, and women.

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