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Vivien Stern 


Baroness Vivien Stern has worked on criminal justice reform, rule of law, and human rights around the world, and has advised inter-governmental organisations and governments. She has served in the UK Parliament since 1999 as an independent member of the House of Lords. During her time in Parliament, Baroness Stern has served as a member of the Lords Select Committee on the European Union and the Joint Committee on Human Rights, among other roles. She is active on anti-corruption, death penalty abolition, drone warfare, and tax justice issues, and co-chairs an All-Party Commission on Miscarriages of Justice. She has also been involved in building links between UK and Central Asian parliaments. Baroness Stern has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Essex and Senior Research Fellow at the International Centre for Prison Studies at Kings College, London. She holds Honorary degrees from Bristol, Oxford Brookes, Stirling, Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities and is an Honorary Fellow of the London School of Economics.

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